Are you looking to book a shoot for yourself, family, event, or brand? Nathaniel Gerdes is an expert in his field and works with all budgets. From commercial work to family work, Nathaniel strives to deliver only the highest quality photos in harmony with what YOU want.

Video Shoots

Are you looking to create a cinematic experience for yourself or your brand? Nathaniel is now offering video for brands and people looking to showcase their product or service in a remarkable way!

Take your brand to the next level with video to get the highest ROI and convert fans into costumers with high quality video content for advertising.


Photography Workshop:
Looking to grow your skills as a photographer and join the ranks as one of the most skilled in the game? Nathaniel is offering workshops that give you the secrets to being a successful photographer. Learn composition, conception, color coordination, location compilation, and client based relations with this workshop!

Editing Workshop:
Looking to refine your photos and turn them into digital masterpieces? In this workshop, Nathaniel teaches you how to master Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop and transform any photo into a visual experience!

Social Media Marketing:
Looking to grow your followers at an absurd rate and become a social media influencer? In this workshop, Nathaniel teaches how to grow yourself or your business into a profitable, engaging, and successful, social media giant!


Looking for some help growing and becoming successful? Jump on a call with Nathaniel and he will help you get exactly where you're trying to go. Nathaniel has worked with many millionaires to learn the craft of becoming a successful human being and building an outstanding business. He has worked with hundreds of people to help develop themselves, their brand, and their goals. He even wrote a book on personal development titled: The Guide to Greatness! If you're looking to grow your brand, your business, or just yourself, Nathaniel is the guy to talk to. 


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