Mobile Preset Download Instructions

1. Download folder to your phone

2. If using iPhone, download the app “iZip” beforehand and you may also need to download from the Google Chrome app instead of Safari.

3. Open folder using iZip

4. Unzip the folder to find the DNG files named after the presets

5. Go through each photo, selecting it, and opening it in the Lightroom CC app from your phone. The photos have the presets attached to them.

6. Once the photo is in Lightroom CC, go to edit the photo, press the "..." in the top right corner and save the preset under the name it was titled in the folder.

7. Do this for each photo until you have all 7 presets installed

8. Open up a photo you'd like to edit, scroll right in the settings until you see "presets", scroll down and open "user presets" and there you will find all of the saved presets.

9. Enjoy it and go slay some edits!