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Looking to grow a following? You need this. You'll Learn:

  • How to set and achieve your desired follower count
  • The psychology of what makes people follow/engage
  • How to set up your profile for success and the psychology behind it
  • How to obtain usernames
  • How to get people to engage and follow you in high volumes
  • All the many secrets behind posting
  • How to effectively set up collaborations
  • What not to do
  • What to do when things aren't working
  • How to remove a shadow ban

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This little book is intended to be a short and easy read, loaded with illustrations to be as friendly as possible to pick up and finish within with ease. Teaching us about the power of our awareness and the life it takes within us!

Number of Pages: 104


Within us lies our awareness. A great light, guided by our focus, illuminating the contents of our mind. We tend to stick to habits of thought. Dragging our awareness into the same space, day in and day out. As the rest of our mind grows dim. But how well do we really know our mind? What is life truly like within us? Today we leave the comfort zone of our primal mind and journey into the land of imagination. In search of a greater light.

This is the life within us.

The Story of Ava.